The Cocoa Cabana Chocolate Club March 23, 2014 17:24

Each month, members of the Cocoa Cabana Chocolate Club receive a newsletter with recipes, the inside info on what we get up to behind the scenes in the secret chocolate making room and also some great offers.

We know how much you all love our brownies, so here is a sample recipe for you to try. It's not our own secret recipe, but it's very close!

Chocolate brownies


55g butter

115g plain chocolate, broken into pieces, I suggest a chocolate with a cocoa content over 70%

175g brown sugar (the darker the sugar the more of a 'treacle' taste you will achieve with your brownies)

2 eggs

85g plain flour

½ tsp baking powder

55g cocoa nibs

Grease and line an 8inch cake tin
Melt butter and chocolate in a saucepan and set aside to cool
In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs and sugar until they are light and fluffy, fold in the cooled chocolate mixture .
Sift in the flour and baking power
Pour your mixture into the tin and sprinkle over cocoa nibs
Place in the oven (180/350F) for 25-30 minutes

Remove from the oven, and place on a wire rack to cool. You can cut your brownies once they are cooled, using a wet knife.

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